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Technology october 10, 2016

This Thermometer Can Read Your Temperature Without Touching Skin

The device can quickly record body temperatures without contact, and save the data neatly on your phone

Children july 26, 2016

Super Accurate Thermometer Can Take Your Temperature In Two Seconds

The device can tell whether you have a fever without ever touching your skin

Sustainability january 13, 2016

Thermometers Get an Overdue Contextual Revamp

This thermometer makes 2,000 readings a second, providing a much more in-depth way of monitoring fevers

Home february 25, 2015

Digital Thermometer Works Without Contact and Tantrums

CliniCloud is a connected medical kit that enables close monitoring of symptoms at home

Technology november 25, 2014

Tiny Electronic Thermometer for Mobiles Measures the Temperature Wherever You Are

Thermodo can be inserted into the audio port of a smartphone to take a reading of any environment

IoT september 23, 2014

Intelligent Ear Thermometer Syncs with Apple HealthKit

Swaive tracks temperature trends and instantly sends health data to anyone in the world

Technology june 30, 2014

Keychain Provides Personal Weather Forecast For Your Exact Location

Thermodo is a real-time temperature sensor for both iOS and Android.

Design & Architecture november 29, 2013

Phone Based Thermometer Creates A Forecast Of Local Health Weather

The Kinsa thermometer plugs into a phone and provides feedback on how to treat illness.

Technology september 29, 2013

Ultra-Thin Sensor Bonds Directly To Skin To Continuously Monitor Temperature

Researchers at the University of Illinois have developed a flexible, wearable thermometer about half the width of a human hair.

Innovation january 22, 2013

Ingestible Pill Monitors Firefighter’s Vitals To Ensure Safety

A new capsule is being tested in Australia that tracks stats like body temperature and respiration rate while emergency services workers are on the job.

Work september 15, 2012

PSFK Picks: Top 10 Health Innovations Of The Week

From sensors that can predict falls before they happen to bio-hackers advancing human evolution, we bring you the most innovative stories from the world of wellness research.

Sustainability july 3, 2012

Leaf-Shaped Thermometer Changes Color With Temperature

Hideyuki Kumagai's design is made of paper that turns green if it's warm, yellow if it's hot, and brown if it's cold.


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