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Culture august 19, 2014

Diagnosing Malaria with a Mobile Device

A high-school student hopes to change the face of third-world illness with his proposed phone add-ons

Culture january 6, 2012

Solar Lamp For Developing World Doubles As Phone Charger

This affordable and eco-friendly lighting solution is small enough to fit on a bottle and therefore more versatile for the global south.

Advertising august 23, 2011

The Last Mile Is The Toughest — Delivering Help On Two Wheels

PSFK interviews the CEO and Co-Founder of the international initiative, Riders For Health, that deliver medication and health services to remote areas.

july 28, 2011

Micro-Donations Help 1,000 Students Get An Education [Headlines]

A Seattle non-profit has used crowdfunding and micro loans to help 1,000 students in third world countries go to school.

Design october 25, 2010

The Car Parts Incubator

A creative medical device is built almost entirely from used automobile parts.

Retail may 24, 2010

Can An Ethical Guide To Shopping Affect New Business Models?

Ethical shopping tenants we can all use to revamp our consumer habits.

Design january 14, 2010

(Pics) Aid Packages Transform Into Footballs For Impoverished Children

South Korean design firm Unplug Design has developed a concept for delivering footballs to impoverished children.

Home december 24, 2008
Design december 23, 2008

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