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Technology march 24, 2014

What The Inventor Of The Internet Hopes It Will Become

Tim Berners-Lee's shares his fears about privacy and his desire for an even more connected future.

Syndicated january 3, 2014

Tim Berners-Lee Speaks Out Against Unchecked Government Surveillance

The web inventor joined with over 100 activists and groups to call for an end to the hypocrisy of the US and UK ruling bodies.

Design & Architecture august 16, 2013

Code Graffiti Contains Hidden Messages

The international technology festival Campus Party has commissioned street art containing messages in Morse, JavaScript and Binary codes as part of a ticket giveaway.

Work march 25, 2013

Do These 5 Men Rule The Internet?

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Robert Kahn, Vinton Cerf, Louis Pouzin and Marc Andreessen win Queen Elizabeth prize for engineering the foundations of today's web.

Technology january 4, 2013

The Evolution Of The Web Experience

How the change in web design has allowed for more seamless, socially optimized interaction -- as published on iQ by Intel.

Work september 6, 2012

Tim Berners-Lee: The Internet Has No ‘Off’ Switch

The world wide web inventor reiterates opposition to extending government control of the Internet.

Innovation april 23, 2012

The Guardian Selects Their Top 20 Internet Freedom Fighters

From politicians and professors to computer scientists and the first programmer, these are the champions of the open internet.

Advertising december 13, 2010

The Future of Journalism? Data Analysis

Access to large amounts of information and data is changing the way that we do journalism.

Innovation november 24, 2010

Inventor Of World Wide Web Warns Against Internet’s Closing Walls

Tim Berners-Lee argues that closed-systems like Facebook, discriminatory Internet providers and government spying all work against the egalitarian link economy of the Web, limiting innovation and human rights.

Arts & Culture november 22, 2010

Google Publishes Guide To Web Technology

"20 Things I Learned about Browsers and the Web" celebrates the 20th anniversary of the paper that led to the World Wide Web.


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