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Video Toothbrush Helps You Brush Better

Toothbrush Transforms Oral Hygiene from Chore to Game

A Natural Toothbrush Picked from a Tree

Goodwell Toothbrush is a Sustainable, Smart Product You Never Have to Replace

Ad Council App Gamifies Dental Hygiene [Video]

  • 21 january 2014
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Rejuvenating Design Turns The Toothbrush Into A Lifestyle Product [Pics]

Custom Toothbrush Polishes The Whole Mouth In Six Seconds

Whimsical Inventions Add Functionality To Everyday Items [Pics]

Colgate Patenting Caffeine-Releasing Toothbrush

Digital Toothbrush Keeps Track Of How Often Users Brush Their Teeth

  • 10 october 2012
  • IoT

Compostable Toothbrush And Travel Case Made From Plant-Based Material

Toothbrush Has Built-In Rinser That Directs Tap Water To Your Mouth [Video]

  • 13 june 2012

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