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Retail september 25, 2014

Beach Bag Shakes Out Sand without Flinging Your Belongings

Shake Totes have reversible mesh flap to keep your summer essentials safe from debris

Mobile december 17, 2013

Does A High Fashion Revenge Kit Glamorize Violence? [Pics]

Does this couture weapons kits draw attention to crime, or encourage it?

Sustainability february 1, 2013

Chipotle Sells Organic Hoodies In A Bid To Become A Lifestyle Brand

The burrito chain is branching out by selling clothes, hosting 'locavore' festivals, and backing a comedy video series.

Gaming & Play february 28, 2011

Lee Jean's 'Never Wasted': Designed For Repurposing [Pics]

A new design for shopping bags tackles notions of built in obsolescence by designing multiple purposes into their product.

Technology january 25, 2011

AmazonTote: An Eco-Friendly Delivery Service From Amazon

Customers have a new shipping option that will potentially minimize the excess packaging wasted on products.

Luxury january 7, 2011

Together Bag: The Canvas Anti-Status Symbol

The union of luxury, symbolized by the house of Hermès, with the utilitarian canvas tote bag reduces a Birkin to its basic function of a carryall.


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