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Technology may 16, 2016

Touchscreen Mirror Can Hail A Cab While You Get Ready

The reflective surface can support touch-enabled apps, to serve as a multi-purpose space

Technology may 10, 2016

Ring Transforms Your Own Body Into A Touch Screen

A new interface technology moves the smartwatch screen to your skin

Gaming & Play march 12, 2014

Restaurant Tablets Serve As Both Gaming And Ordering Devices

Buffalo Wild Wings is turning its electronic trivia platform into a new communication system for diners and staff.

Home february 20, 2014

Smartwatch For Kids Introduces Wearable Tech At An Early Age

VTech’s KidiZoom Smart Watch brings video, photo, and gaming capabilities to digital time devices for children.

Innovation january 15, 2014

iPad Game Focuses Solely On Touchscreen Gestures

Blek is a sleek game based on minimalist design that uses flicks and strokes as a fundamental component of the game.

Retail november 25, 2013

eBay Brings Its Shoppable Windows To American Malls [Pics]

Westfield partners with online auction site to bring digital storefronts to San Francisco.

Technology november 12, 2013

Mercedes Integrates Touchscreen Technology Into Armrests

The car brand's newest 2015 model features a touchpad control center.

Design & Architecture october 29, 2013

Touchscreen Hat Lets Wearer Show Off Their Favorite Videos

Offering a new take on wearable technology, the Cyclops Snapback Hat features an LCD screen that can display images or animations.

Design & Architecture october 18, 2013

Nokia Designs Smart Bracelet With Multiple Touch Screens [Pics]

A smartwatch that wraps around the wearer's wrist with 6 displays.

Innovation october 9, 2013

New Touchscreens Create Virtual Tactile Sensations That Feel Rough [Video]

Using electrovibrator display technology, Disney replicates real-life textures onscreen.

Technology september 6, 2013

Floating Touchscreen Appears Out Of Thin Air

Displair is an interactive projection device that uses water vapor to support a permeable yet responsive visual display.

IoT july 24, 2013

Mercedes-Benz Develops Futuristic Golf Cart [Pics]

The all-electric Vision Golf Cart is a solar-charged concept vehicle that keeps golfers connected to other players, the clubhouse, and their devices.

Design & Architecture june 19, 2013

3D Dissection Table Helps Students Explore Rare Medical Cases [Video]

Explore the body like never before with high resolution, life-sized medical images that you can cut, uncut, rotate and label.

Work june 9, 2013

Intel Launches Worldwide Tour To Highlight Creative Potential

Find out where and when the tech-infused roadshow is headed to your city.


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