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Technology february 25, 2014

Community-Based Marketplace Adds A Layer Of Trust To Craigslist [Video]

New site offers a buy and sell model without the dangers so many are often concerned about.

Gaming & Play january 3, 2013

5 Fashion Tech Companies That Are Making Waves

PSFK reports from the Future of Fashion event about New-York-based startups who are redefining how we think of retail.

october 14, 2011

Why Americans Should Learn To Love The Renminbi [Headlines]

Disparities in income between American and Chinese workers are shrinking.

Work august 10, 2011

Patriots Ochocinco Says He’s Living With A Fan For A Few Weeks [Headlines]

Chad Ochocinco who was traded from the Bengals to the Patriots this offseason has plans to stay with a fan for a few weeks but he hasn't picked anyone yet. The only requirements? They must have internet and Xbox.

Design & Architecture august 3, 2011

Foster + Partners And Halcrow Create Proposal For The Thames Hub

Detailed vision for developments to the Thames estuary in London, including rail connections, an airport and improved tide barriers.

Sustainability july 21, 2011

‘Time Store’ In The Netherlands Rejects Money As Currency

The 'time store' located in the Maastricht is based on the idea that people can barter directly for goods and services, cutting out the need for money.

Mobile february 14, 2011

frog design: Spending, Trading, Or Something Else?

In discussions of privacy and personal data, it’s becoming more common to say that people “trade” or “spend” information about themselves in exchange for online services.

Technology october 25, 2010

Divining The Ley Lines of Globalisation

Maersk's app lets you calculate the startling cost of shipping anything, anywhere

Work march 12, 2010

A Futures Market For Betting On Movies

Cantor Futures Exchange is opening an online futures market site that will allow the general public and movie studios to place bets and trade on the box office revenues of movies.

Retail january 26, 2010

Trade School: Experts Offer Knowledge In Exchange For Bartered Items

OurGoods is a community network that operates through the barter of goods and services.


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