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Travel may 24, 2016

Solar-Powered Train Promises Sustainable Mass Transit

India's first solar panel-powered train moves the country on a large scale

Luxury april 3, 2015

Preventing Train Tragedies with a Simple Design Twist

A study from the West Japan Railway Company shows a simple way to reduce drunken falls off train platforms

Cities november 21, 2014

Japan's Magnetically Levitating Train Tops 300 MPH

The experimental passenger train has the potential to bring urban centers within minutes of each other

Mobile november 13, 2014

Toronto Public Transit to Accept Tickets Via Smartphone App

Bytemark to develop app for upcoming Union Pearson Express line

Luxury march 20, 2014

New NYC Neighborhood Will Be Built Over Active Train Tracks [Video]

The Hudson Yards project will add 5,000 new housing units as an extension to the High Line.

Cities february 13, 2014

How Parking Lot Design Can Revitalize Blighted Suburban Areas [Pics]

These four new designs take Long Island's parking lots to task.

Work february 10, 2014

Hybrid Subway System Transitions Seamlessly Between Suburbs and Downtown

The city of Sheffield in the UK is installing the first tram-train in the country.

Technology january 9, 2014

11 Stories You Need To Know Today

Makerbot vs. iTunes, the Google catamaran, and more.

Sustainability october 3, 2013

Google Map Calms Down Anxious Travelers With Real-Time Amtrak Schedules

New tool lets you keep track of over 300 daily trains across the country.

Technology august 20, 2013

3D Map Visualizes The London Underground

Bruno Imbrizi's creation lets users track tube trains in almost real-time, toggle between different lines and rotate, pan and zoom around them.

Advertising july 2, 2013

Talking Window Ads Conduct Sound Through Commuter’s Skulls [Video]

Sky Go’s new campaign is played by the glass on trains when people rest their heads against them.

Travel june 10, 2013

100 Ways To Improve The NYC Subway System

SVA Student creates one new idea each day that could improve NYC commuters' lives.

Luxury may 23, 2013

Prague To Introduce Dating Subway Car For Singles

Czech transport company Ropid wants to set aside carriages for unattached people, a concept that could launch by the end of the year.

Mobile april 11, 2013

13 Stories You Need To Know Today

IRS to check your social media, teens less interested in social media and iPhone becomes biometric reader...links to start your day with.


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