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Work june 24, 2013

New York Museum Transformed Into A Moving Light Chamber [Pics]

James Turrell's new exhibition at the Guggenheim fills the building's famed rotunda with shifting LED and natural rays.

Sustainability april 29, 2013

Hot Water Transforms Biodegradable Packaging Into A Bowl

Freeze-dried food container doubles as flatware.

Innovation march 25, 2013

Ice Cream Shop Dresses Up A Delicious But Ugly Dessert

Spanish store Eyescream uses leftover Taiwanese ice shavings to create a prettier, and just as tasty, sweet.

Technology october 11, 2011

Model-Morphosis At Paris Fashion Week

Photographer Greg Kessler captures hair and make-up transformations.

Work march 30, 2011

Hop Aboard The Stella Artois Train [Video]

Created by Mother London, Stella Artois launched the fourth chapter of its campaign for its premium 4% lager.


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