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Technology december 4, 2014

Voice Recognition Software Translates Words from Those With Speech Disorders

Philips partners with VoiceItt to produce software that can help people with speech disorders interact using only their voices

Mobile november 10, 2014

Microsoft Accepting Testers for Skype Translator

The company's real-time beta service running on Windows 8.1 could make the world more openly connected

Home april 3, 2014

Learn A New Language By Browsing The Web

New app and web extension translates and saves foreign words as you read.

Design & Architecture november 22, 2013

Rings Turn Sign Language Into Spoken Word To Help The Deaf Communicate

Winner of the Red Dot design award this year, the Sign Language Ring can detect and translate gestures.

Work july 2, 2013

Hand-Held Device Links Paramedics With Live Translators

ELSA is a portable device that aims to eliminate miscommunication by instantly connecting users with skilled interpretors.

Syndicated october 24, 2012

Springwise: App Translates Phone Calls In Real-Time

Hanashite Hon’yaku allows users to make calls through its platform and see on-screen text translations, or have a voice engine create an audio version.

Technology march 30, 2011

Universal Translator Edges Ever Nearer To Reality

First real-time translation app helps halt communication breakdowns.

Mobile january 13, 2011

Google App Enables Nearly Real-Time Translation Of Conversations

Android phone users can now converse in Spanish and English with the new Google Translate app.

Technology december 17, 2010

iPhone App Translates Text In Real-Time

QuestVisual's impressive software uses Optical Character Recognition technology to recognize text in the real world.

Work august 11, 2010

US Soldiers To Use Smartphones With Translation Capabilities In Afghanistan

The TRANSTAC Project is an effort to break the language barrier between the military and locals.

october 29, 2009

PicTranslator: Snap and Understand

PicTranslator is an iPhone application that has the ability to capture any printed foreign text from a user's photo and translate it.

Gaming & Play october 26, 2009

Tele Scouter Aims to Provide Translation in Realtime

Japan's NEC plans to launch a wearable optical device, named Tele Scouter, which projects translations of foreign languages directly on the wearer's retina.

Technology january 29, 2009

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