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Work june 23, 2014

Screenplay Incorporates Real Charity Into Jane Austen Adaptation

The main character in the 'Emma Approved' series is hosting a real-life human rights campaign.

Home september 29, 2013

Macala Wright: Redefining Narrative Storytelling

What Van Life, a surf documentary, can teach brands about connecting with their customers on a personal level.

Technology july 28, 2013

How Second Screen Behavior Is Impacting The Entertainment Industry [Future Of Entertainment]

In the third week of our ten week series with IQ by Intel, we assess how multi-device consumption is changing the way content is created.

Retail september 23, 2012

How Emotion Is The Key To A Successful Lifestyle Brand [PSFK LONDON]

Marketing boss at lifestyle brand Rapha describes a cultural transmedia approach for building customer loyalty.

Technology september 21, 2011

New Season Of Top Chef Will Include Digital Webisodes

Toyota sponsors the transmedia campaign to give fans an enhanced viewing experience.

Work may 27, 2011

Ed Cotton: We Need Creative Hybrids - Why Transmedia Is Becoming Manditory

The rise of social media has meant Transmedia has to be baked into plans and thinking in a more sophisticated way. Brands need to work out how conversations and campaigns work together and apart and how synergies can be achieved between the two.

Advertising may 10, 2011

An Interview With Lucas Hilderbrand By Henry Jenkins [Headlines]

Required Reading: From the VCR to YouTube.

Home april 27, 2011

PSFK SALON Los Angeles Speaker Interview: Scott Walker

In anticipation of this week's event, Scott Walker shares some thoughts on transmedia, and gives a teaser of what the Salon's discussion might touch upon.

Technology april 26, 2011

PSFK SALON LA Speaker Interview: Kristen Olson

In advance of next week's PSFK SALON Los Angeles, the fanthropologist recommends several books and resources for fan studies and transmedia.

Luxury april 22, 2011

PSFK Salon LA Speaker Interview: J.C. Christofilis

In anticipation of next week's PSFK SALON Los Angeles, the founder of DILEMMA offers his thoughts on transmedia.

Design & Architecture april 8, 2011

The Pierley/Redford Dissociative Affect Diagnostic

Designer Richard Horton creates a mind-bending test for transmedia-fiction-awareness.

Design & Architecture april 1, 2011

Down The Rabbit Hole: Transmedia Disasters

Game Designer Andrea Phillips warns of the consequences of going too far with alternate-reality marketing.

Cities april 1, 2011

'Oregon Trail' Goes Back to the Future [Pics]

Transmedia version of 8-bit classic found on Los Angeles street corner.

Mobile march 2, 2011

A Lo-fi Approach To Storytelling

An offline, 'pop-up' publishing approach garners word of mouth success in New York City.


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