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Advertising april 20, 2016

Can A Cosmetics Company Use Branded Content To Create Real Social Change?

A documentary series funded by MAC aims to create awareness around the transgender experience

Retail december 4, 2013

Transparent Camera Demonstrates The Analog Photography Process

Lomo hopes that the Transparent Kollector's Edition Konstruktor will give film aficionados some new insights.

Technology september 3, 2013

Elastic Gel Speaker Broadcasts Pitch-Perfect Sounds [Video]

Harvard engineers have built a clear, stretchable speaker made from rubber and saltwater gel that can play the entire audible spectrum.

Work february 25, 2013

Flexible Plastic Captures Images Without A Camera

Austrian researchers have developed a polymer sheet that uses fluorescent particles to capture incoming light.

Mobile february 19, 2013

A Peek At The First Transparent Smartphone [Video]

Polytron Technologies' prototype device features switchable glass, which uses liquid crystal molecules and an electric current to generate a display.

Technology november 27, 2012

A Crowdfunding Site For Global Healthcare

Watsi provides 100% of donations to fund low-cost, high-impact medical treatments for people around the world.

Design & Architecture may 22, 2012

Clear Paint Instantly Turns Any Surface Into A Whiteboard

Product transforms everyday areas into creative spaces that blend seamlessly into the environment.

Retail february 2, 2012

Ex-Hugo Boss Designer Launches Line That Tells You How Much The Clothes Really Cost

'Honest by' offers consumers a full pricing breakdown of its products, showing them exactly what they're paying for.

Work november 2, 2011

Steel Church Is A Transparent Work Of Art [Pics]

Architects build construction of 2000 columns and 30 tons of steel arranged in horizontal plates.

Technology october 26, 2011

Stanford Researchers Create Stretchy Skin-Like Sensors

The team believes they could have applications in prosthetic limbs, robotics and touch-sensitive computer displays.

Travel july 23, 2011

Product Of The Week: Moleskine Reading Glasses

The new Moleskine readers are designed with the same guiding aesthetic principles of their classic notebooks.

Technology october 11, 2010

Augmented Reality And Tactile Virtual Objects

Francesco Cosco proposes a novel mixed reality paradigm that introduces the possibility of touching and seeing virtual objects in combination with a real scene.

Design & Architecture march 22, 2010

A See Through Refrigerator

Window Refrigerator enables users to see what's stored inside the fridge without opening its door.


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