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Technology july 30, 2013

Measuring Ruler Interacts With The Lines It Helps Draw [Video]

Created by the MIT Media Lab, Glassified is a ruler with a transparent display that adds virtual graphics to actual pen strokes.

Mobile february 28, 2013

Transparent Display Lets Users Virtually Try On Accessories

Jinha Lee has designed an "augmented online shopping mall" that could enable people to see what items would look like when worn.

Retail january 13, 2013

Samsung’s Transparent Screen Is The Retail Window Of The Future [CES]

The display space can now be a layered experience of video media and real-life objects.

Technology july 5, 2012

Researchers Create Thin Transparent Screen On A Soap Bubble [Video]

The super thin display can be controlled by ultrasonic waves to show flat and 3D images.

Mobile may 11, 2012

Microsoft To Introduce Augmented Reality Tablet? [Headlines]

A patent application shows a transparent display screen that would allow users to control applications with hand gestures and head movements, see 3D content.


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