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Culture february 18, 2016

Quote of the Day: Michael Watson, Digital Nomad and COO of Treehouse

New report features expert insights on the rise of the Nomad Class

Culture february 11, 2016

Escape from the World With Your Own Private Island or Treehouse

Airbnb sends nature lovers to remote places for dreamy getaways

Design november 24, 2014

Eco-Friendly Home Extensions Courtesy of Bower House Treehouse Designs

Luxury living spaces that offer quiet, and a better connection with nature

Design november 7, 2013

A Literal Tree House Immerses The Owner In Nature [Pics]

Glass tree house marks the meeting point of nature and modern design.

Design september 3, 2013

Bike-Powered Elevator Raises Rider Up To A Treehouse [Video]

Eliminating the need for a ladder, Ethan Schlussler built an elevator using an old bike that travels the 30-foot distance from the ground.

Design october 31, 2012

Stay In A Cocoon Tree House

This lightweight spherical structure can be assembled in less than 2 hours and features air conditioning powered by the wind and sun.

Culture june 21, 2012

Japanese Treehouse Diner Opens 20-Feet Above The Ground

The restaurant situated in an unlikely location, builds on the nature theme and uses only locally grown ingredients.

Design march 28, 2011

A Pirate’s Life For Me: New Children’s Playhouse

The pirate ship playhouse that encourages children to be scallywags.

Design january 27, 2011

Banyan Drive Treehouse Packs A Lot Into Its Tiny Space

The weekend retreat designed by Rockefeller Partner Architects can double up as a work studio.

Cities may 28, 2010

Seventh Heaven: A Treehouse Hotel In Sweden

Ugglum, Sweden is famous for its treehouse hotels.

Culture august 11, 2009

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