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Work march 20, 2014

Meet The Experts Who Will Decide The Hotel Of The Future

These judges will dole out $50K in prizes for PSFK x Prodigy’s crowdsourced competition to design a hotel for the modern business traveler.

Mobile august 11, 2013

How To Live A More Adaptable Life [Future Of Home Living]

Designer and founder of Treehugger discusses how reconfigurable spaces are delivering greater functionality in less space.

Innovation may 15, 2012

Crowd-Sourced Map Of NYC’s Bike Share Stations Revealed [Headlines]

The NYC DOT held 250 meetings to get 10,000 suggestions for where to place bike-share stations around New York and Brooklyn.

Retail may 12, 2012

Graham Hill: Are You Ready To Life-Edit? [Video]

Graham says that it's time to reduce, remove and re-imagine.

Work may 5, 2012

How A Business Can Do More With Less [Need To Know]

Graham Hill, founder of LifeEdited and Treehugger details key factors that can help a company be more focused, nimble, and flexible.

Gaming & Play november 30, 2011

Piers Fawkes: Tis The Season To Avoid Green Gift Guides

Could green bloggers and journalists be damaging the environment because their focus on the individual lets corporations off the hook?

november 3, 2011

YouTube Killed The TV Star: Infographic [Headlines]

Google's video service continues to grow and gain popularity against the general decline of network television.

Sustainability october 21, 2011

Using Design To Edit Our Lives, Improve Happiness & Reduce Eco-Impact [Video]

Graham Hill speaks to PSFK about how his project which will spread ideas on spatial, product, behavioural and systems design.

october 3, 2011

If The Coal Industry Made An Energy Drink, Would You Drink It? [Headlines]

The Renewable Energy Accountability Project made a mock-commercial for a fictional energy drink to highlight the negative effects of coal and coal mining.

Sustainability september 26, 2011

Is There An Ethical Dilemma In Graham Hill’s Weekday Vegetarian Plan? [Headlines]

Is it morally sound to selectively eat meat? Or should one just stick with either extreme?

Work july 21, 2011

Ed Cotton: Long-Term Thinking Movement Can Change The Way We Consume Resources

Taking a cue from Treehugger, the director of strategy at BSSP encourages consumers to start valuing long-term profit over short-term gain instead of risking the depletion of all of Earth's resources.

july 6, 2011

Buyers Are Demanding Low-Carbon Products Despite Recession [Headlines]

A study shows that the ethical consumer market has seen continuous growth, and they are also willing to punish products that do not have a low carbon footprint.

Technology december 2, 2010

11 Insights About Happiness

Here are some of the ideas we gathered from our recent PSFK SALON at Soho House NY: Happiness.

Home august 11, 2010

ThinBike Folds Flat To Save Space

A bike ideally suited for those living in tiny homes.


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