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Design & Architecture september 23, 2009

Creative Inspiration from Behance IV

Behance is a company that organizes the creative world to make ideas happen. Every Wednesday, Behance shares 5 fresh art and design projects from their network with PSFK.

Mobile september 22, 2009

Sci-Fi Style Clothing of The Future

The Science: [So what? So everything] campaign has released a list of 25 of the most influential fashion innovations of past, present and future.

Work september 17, 2009

Jobs We Love on PSFK

Below is one of the great jobs currently listed on the PSFK Jobs site. In need of more options? See what's out there. If you're looking for talent, submit a job post.

Technology september 10, 2009

Performing the Longest Musical Composition Ever Written

For the first time ever, Jem Finer will be leading a live performance of a 1,000 minute section of his 1,000 year-long 'Longplayer' at London's Roundhouse Theatre.

Retail september 3, 2009

Pop Up Ad Agency Helps Small Businesses

London based RKCR/Y&R offered its creative and strategic services to local small businesses in a pop up ad agency for a week.

Cities september 1, 2009

(Pic) London Bus Carries 16 CCTV Cameras

The photo contains a screen broadcasting footage from the 16 camera installed on the bus. At some point you have to wonder...

Sustainability august 28, 2009
Sustainability august 27, 2009

The UK's (Secret) Plot to Encourage Consumers to Go Green

Back in July we came across the results of a study on consumer behavior as it related to “going green”. The research concluded that people are more motivated to make eco-friendly purchases based on perceptions about status - i.e. installing these solar panels are sure to make my neighbors envious - than they are by other factors, like cost-savings or more surprisingly perhaps, actually benefitting the environment.

Home august 27, 2009
Technology august 19, 2009
Retail august 7, 2009
Design & Architecture july 27, 2009

Heinz Looks At Alternative Retail

Looking to reduce its reliance on supermarket chains and their own-label product ranges, Heinz in the UK has been exploring new ways to sell its products.

Retail july 27, 2009

Tesco To Start Renting Out Urban Farms

For a new store development grocery retailer Tesco plans to rent 30 'allotments' for part time gardeners to locals in Lancashire in the UK. In tandem with an interest in grow-your-own-food PSFK has noticed around the world, there has been a recent boom in interest in allotments in the UK (see our interview with an allotment 'owner' here). The store will also sell starter kits to the renters, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Work july 22, 2009

New Summer Rituals

Urban beach going, sneezing and tombstoning are part of new summer rituals developing in Britain, the BBC reports in a slightly quirky article.


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