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Design & Architecture july 22, 2013

Giant Wave Of Broken Windshield Glass Imagines A Tsunami’s Destruction [Pics]

French artist conveys a natural disaster of Biblical proportions and how we might be a threat to our own existence.

Technology april 12, 2013

Sibte Hassan: Protecting The Presence Of Local Brands

Founder of ethical start-up Karmio talks about his newest venture and how he hopes to bring about positive global change.

Syndicated november 28, 2012

PechaKucha In Charity Mode & Public Housing In Oshika

In our daily stroll through the PK archive we discover a presentation on how rebuilding is being undertaken after the devastating earthquake in Japan.

Syndicated november 27, 2012

Raising Funds For Construction Of The "Core House"

In our daily stroll through the PechaKucha archive we discover a presentation on how to build small cheap houses, that can then be added onto, making larger structures.

Work november 7, 2012

Collapsible Mobile Movie Theater Brings Cinema To Tsunami Victims

Yasuke Yamamoto's theater is able to fit in to a shipping truck, then open up like a russian doll wherever entertainment is needed.

october 3, 2011

Japanese 'Noah's Ark' Disaster Capsule Holds Four Adults And Floats [Headlines]

This emergency fiberglass shelter, to be used in the case of another massive tsunami, is equipped with a lookout window and breathing holes.

Arts & Culture september 6, 2011

Hip Hop Star Explores The Aftermath Of Japan's Earthquake Disaster [Video]

Palladium hires Pharrell Williams to star in Tokyo Rising, a short documentary on the aftermath of Japan's earthquake and tsunami disaster.

Luxury july 25, 2011

Monocolumn: Japan To Consider Geothermal Energy But Won't Sacrifice Hot Springs

In today's column from luxury magazine, Monocle, we learn that Japan is looking at geothermal energy, as a way to power the nation, but businesses in the hot spring industry fear it would deplete their sources.

Innovation june 15, 2011

New Geo-Cosmos At Tokyo's Museum Of Emerging Science And Innovation

The new 20-foot Geo-Cosmos is the largest of its kind in the world and reflects Earth as seen from space.

Work april 14, 2011

Kindle Publishes First Oral History Of The Japanese Earthquake

One of the first documents of the Japanese earthquake gets a little help from social media and the Internet.

march 28, 2011

New Video Reveals Horrors Of Unrelenting Tsunami Waters

3月11日 気仙沼の港を飲み込む大津波の一部始終が撮影されている YouTube

Technology march 25, 2011

Japan Joins Social Media Sites In Wake Of Earthquake Disaster

The Prime Minister’s office is using Twitter and Facebook to reach a wider audience with real-time updates about the crisis and the recovery process.

Sustainability march 14, 2011

'Urban Acupuncture' Projects: Rebuilding Japan

Days after the harrowing earthquake-tsunami ordeal, worldwide efforts are now being initiated to bring Japan back on its feet.

Technology march 11, 2011

Google Creates ‘Person Finder App’ For Japan

Search giant creates tool to help Japan cope with a historic natural catastrophe.


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