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Culture may 31, 2016

Wireless Turntable Streams Your Vinyl Records

Record player shares via streaming digital devices and on social media in real time

Design june 7, 2013

Wooden Turntable Puts New Spin On Traditional Stereos

The Audiowood Barky Turntable is equipped with a glass platter and a solid ash platform.

Culture september 27, 2012

Turntable Plays Pictures To Make Sound [Pics]

Weng Nam Yap designs an interactive installation that turns graphic images into audio.

Advertising september 24, 2012

Musician Releases DIY Cardboard Record Player With His Latest Album [Video]

Kid Koala creates a lo-fi paper gramophone that is fully functional to play his new songs on.

Culture july 2, 2012

Screenprinted Paper Records Play Music Using LED Lights [Video]

Unique optical LPs are playable with a turntable and handheld sensor.

Culture may 28, 2012

Artist Spins Classic Paintings Using A Turntable [Pics]

Classic paintings spun on a turntable are photographed at various shutter speeds to view familiar images in a new way.

Culture january 23, 2012

Turntable Device Lets You Hear What A Tree Sounds Like [Video]

This innovation translates wood data from the rings of trees into different piano melodies.

Culture april 28, 2010

Sidetrack Table Plots Daily Work Routines

The 'Sidetrack' table allows you to reflect on your daily working routine by drawing a pattern of your behaviour.

Culture december 7, 2009

Vinyl Records and Turntables Make a Comeback

The New York Times reports that vinyl records and turntables have been making a steady resurgence for the past few years, driven by the demand from members of the digital (iPod) generation.


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