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Technology february 11, 2013

Online Music Tool Has Artist Chat With Fans In Virtual Listening Rooms

Top artists make commitments to engage with their fans through's new feature.

Technology february 23, 2012

Real-Time DJing Platform Adds Private Chat So Users Can Share The Best Mixes now provides DJs with an entertainment channel where they can keep track of what mixes are successful based on crowd reaction.

Work february 16, 2012

PSFK Picks: Top Music Hacks That Are Changing The Face Of Entertainment

PSFK takes a look at technological interventions that reflect evolutions in personal entertainment channels.

august 3, 2011

Lady Gaga And Kanye West Invest In Turntable.Fm [Headlines]

Two of the most notorious pop stars invest in the new browser-based chat room where DJs take turn sharing their favorite playlists.

Mobile july 22, 2011 Co-founder Opens His Door Via Text Message [Video]

Billy Chasen built a system that uses SMS to control a door lock.

Arts & Culture july 6, 2011 Is Riding A Wave In The Digital Music Space

A new music curation service lets you compete with other DJs for the rating of friends online.


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