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Retail may 3, 2013

JCPenney Ad Apologizes For Brand Mismanagement

The retail company releases a video asking its customers to come back.

Work january 25, 2013

TNT Creates Live Ad Featuring Streakers In Dutch Streets

Last year, the TV channel made headlines with its viral real world ad and now it's back with a second that involves kidnapping, prisoners, and riot police.

Luxury january 8, 2013

Virgin Atlantic Turns Its Staff Into Superheroes For New Campaign

‘Flying in the Face of Ordinary’ features a TV ad with children who possess special gifts growing up and using their talents as they work on the airline.

Technology december 21, 2011

British Building Society Offers Customers Free Download Of Its TV Ad Soundtrack

Nationwide makes the music available for a limited period as a festive gift.

Advertising september 25, 2009

Oh Brother Ad From SEAT

The more they love the monster the bigger it grows. What happens when it can't fit in the car?


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