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[News] IKEA Singapore’s ‘very small space’ collection was created in response to a political gaffe
IoT august 22, 2016

The 'Internet Of Clothes' Will Find A New Home For Neglected Garmets

A new technology could allow your shirts and pants to give themselves away to charity if they detect that they are not being worn

Technology june 15, 2016

A Small Town In Spain Replaced Bureaucracy With Twitter

The social network has become the major channel of communication for locals and government officials

[News] Twitter relaxes 140-character limit to make room for videos, GIFs and enhanced media
Luxury february 22, 2016

Let the Twitter Masses Concoct Your Next Cocktail

A machine converts random tweets from across the globe into delectable drinks

Advertising july 16, 2013

Tweet-Streaming Dress Helps Activists’ Voices Get Heard [Video]

Techy dress grabs Swedish politician’s attention by giving youth a mouthpiece.

Advertising june 3, 2013

Times Square Tank Lets Passersby Tweet At Fish [Pics]

To build hype for their new show Fish Tank Kings, Nat Geo has created a large scale, interactive installation in NYC.

Home may 24, 2013

London Garden Stays Hidden Until Viewers Tweet [Video]

Visitors need to post with a hashtag in order to view the flowers in this interactive display.

Advertising may 9, 2013

Diaper Sensor Tweets When It's Time For A Change

TweetPee lets parents know when their child is wet.

Technology april 19, 2013

BERG Cuckoo Clock Sings When Owners Tweet [Video]

The creative agency creates a timekeeper in collaboration with Twitter.

Work april 9, 2013

Todd Greene: Bring An End To Common Sense Deficit Disorder

In advance of the PSFK CONFERENCE 2013 in NYC, Todd Greene expresses the importance of working hard, being honest...and just being reasonable.

Retail january 30, 2013

Target Shows Off Everyday Products With High Fashion Crowdsourced Runway Show

Retailer had models read tweets about the brand's household items to showcase the merchandise.

Technology december 7, 2012

Installation Turns Tweets Into Snowflakes to Create A Snowstorm

The project raises money for those in need this holiday season.

Advertising november 9, 2012

Website Inscribes Fan's Tweets On Vinyl Record For Artists To Listen To

New digital initiative lets fans interact with their favorite singers in the digital and analog realms.


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