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Mobile june 25, 2013

12 Stories You Need To Know Today

Twinkies return to shelves, Snapchat launches SnapKidz and Chipotle to tag GMO ingredients in their menu.

Design & Architecture march 13, 2013

11 Stories You Need To Know Today

Pinterest launches analytics, NASA announces life possible on Mars and a Vine sold for $200...links to start your day with.

Technology march 10, 2013

PSFK's Top Five Stories Of The Week

Wendy's tries out a new look and Microsoft envisions a foreseeable future of communication. We review the best in design, culture, art, fashion.

Advertising march 5, 2013

Agency Hires Interns Based Only On Brand Ideas For Twinkies

Campbell Mithun will hire its Lucky 13 interns by examining their plans for taking the iconic company into the future.

Home december 2, 2012

PSFK's Top Five Stories Of The Week

Twinkies are broken down into 37 ingredients and 8 trends to change your home for the better. We review the best in design, culture, art, fashion and creative business in our weekly roundup.

Work november 26, 2012

A Twinkie Dissected Into Its 37 Ingredients [Pics]

Photographer Dwight Eschliman deconstructs the popular product into its component parts.

Innovation november 10, 2010

Junk Food Diet Helps Professor To Lose 27 Pounds In 2 Months

An unusual experiment offers a radically different perspective on dieting.

Arts & Culture june 10, 2010

The Inner Workings Of A Twinkie

A photographer evokes his childhood memories and captures his love for disassembling objects and photographing their components.


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