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[Insight] The typefaces that changed the world of streetwear
[Inspiration] Designers create digital-first fonts inspired by IBM typewriters
Entertainment august 19, 2016

Type Generator Lets You Write Using The Font From ‘Stranger Things’

Creative studio Nelson Cash created a typeface inspired by the Netflix series' retro title sequence and art direction

Arts & Culture august 1, 2016

Scratch Off The Novels You’ve Read From This Beautiful Poster

Pop Chart Lab has devised a clever way to help you keep track of your reading list

Design & Architecture july 8, 2016

Handheld Tool Can Identify Any Font

The device allows print materials to become interactive and closes the gap between the physical and digital worlds

Design & Architecture march 17, 2016

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s Illustrator Inspired This Font

Typeface is based on the singular intricacies of a famous illustrator's handwriting

Home november 17, 2014

Dyslexie Font Designed to Aid Dyslexic Readers

A revolutionary typeface makes reading faster and more enjoyable for people with the developmental disorder

Work november 14, 2014

New Typeface Based on Aerial Maps of the Earth

Aerial Bold homes in on unsuspecting designers, hoping to get them interested in geography

Mobile june 13, 2014

BIC Pens Create Universal Font From Crowdsourced Handwriting

People around the world contribute their handwriting style to design a brand new typeface.

Design & Architecture may 5, 2014

School Develops A New Way To Teach Handwriting For The Digital World

This font keeps kids from copying handwriting habits from printed text.

Advertising april 1, 2014

8 Stories You Need To Know Today

Voice recognition ads, drones deliver medical supplies and how the government could save $400 million.

Arts & Culture february 20, 2014

Designer’s Beard Serves As The Birthplace For A New Font [Pics]

Artist sacrificed many beards for the creation of his Alphabeard typeface.

Work january 22, 2014

Climate Change Font Empowers Activism Through Good Design

Kilma is a free typeface designed specifically for climate change organizers, most of whom are volunteers and can’t afford to pay to obtain font licenses.

Syndicated december 30, 2013

What The Foreman Of D&AD’s 2014 Design Jury Wishes She’d Designed

The Whitney's "Responsive W" quietly and cleverly conveys the museum's nature, Jessica Walsh points out to Inspire.


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