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Luxury january 8, 2016

Built Like An Albatross, Drone Eyes Crop Evaluation and Search-and-Rescue [CES 2016]

Design prototypes for a drone made to help in humanitarian aid and agriculture #CES2016

Technology august 28, 2015

Did Anyone Get the License Plate of That Drone?

LightCense project proposes visual ID system of flashing colored lights for UAVs

Mobile september 13, 2013

Drone Gives Campus Tours To MIT Students [Video]

Built by research group Senseable City Laboratory, SkyCall is a quadcopter designed to help students find their way around.

Technology july 24, 2013

Instagram For Drones Aims To Map The World From Above [Pics]

A new social network that lets enthusiasts share the machine's aerial photography with others.

Design & Architecture july 17, 2013

Paper Plane Drones Detect Forest Fires

Robotics researchers at the University of Queensland have created environment-sensing UAVs that are cheap and easy to produce.

Luxury august 21, 2012

Flying Drones Deliver 3D Printed Personal Portraits To Burning Man Attendees

Using GPS tracking, festival-goers can get tiny statues of themselves delivered via anaerial robot.

Design & Architecture august 16, 2011

Real-World Drone Avatar Projects Video In Midair

The latest project from Sony is a blimp that reflects a projected image from a video feed or camera to create a life-like avatar.

Mobile april 7, 2010

iPhone Application Controls Military Drones, Aids Training

Former Navy pilot and current MIT aerospace engineer Mary Cummings has developed an iPhone application that allows users to control unmanned surveillance drones via mobile device.

january 29, 2010

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles To Be Used For Surveillance In The UK

The Civil Aviation Authority, which regulates UK airspace, plans to use Unmanned Aerial Vehicles as part of a new security program.


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