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Cities march 2, 2016

UK Consumes Far Less Than a Decade Ago—’Peak Stuff’ or Something Else?

From crops to energy and metals, material consumption fell from 15 tons to just 10

Cities february 29, 2016

Why Is Vienna the World’s Top City for Quality of Life?

Study examining socioeconomic conditions places Austrian capital at apex of index

Cities february 4, 2016

Britain’s First Amphibious Homes Embrace Water Woes

A luxury floating house on the Thames that rises and falls with the water levels

Advertising january 22, 2016

Wearable Dwellings: Introducing a Coat for Refugees That Turns into a Tent

Royal College of Art students have designed a multipurpose garment that's large enough to house an adult and a child

Cities october 9, 2015

Voluntary ‘Sugar Taxes’ Can Help Tackle Obesity

Brighton city council calls on shops to add levy to sugary soft drinks as part of campaign to drive down diet-related diseases

Syndicated october 5, 2015

Glow-In-Dark Livestock: A Measure to Cut Road Deaths

Initiative inspired by reflective reindeer antlers in Scandinavia is aimed at making animals more visible to drivers at night

Advertising september 30, 2015

Is Shared Biking Strictly for the Affluent?

As seen in London, ambitious cycling plans have many laudable aims but their delivery must be kept under proper scrutiny

Advertising september 21, 2015

Can Publishers Stop the Ad Blocking Wave?

Apple’s new iPhone tweak empowers users and marks an advertising watershed

Advertising august 4, 2015

Why are Millennials Flocking to Live in Berlin?

Expat neighborhoods, cheaper rents, and a creative startup vibe are among some of the factors drawing young people to the German capital

Advertising july 15, 2015

Why Cities, And Their People, Need More Than Protected Views

Writer and urbanist Leo Hollis considers changing policies around protected views, which seek to preserve a city's history and skyline amid increasing urban development

Culture june 17, 2015

Bottling the Smell of Dead Loved Ones Won’t Capture Their Essence

A company promises to provide ‘olfactory comfort’ by making a perfume from the distilled scent of our dearly departed

Advertising february 4, 2015

Instagram’s #empty Movement Captures Vaunted Art Spaces After Hours

First in New York and now London, Instagrammers are persuading the world’s biggest galleries and theatres to let them in after hours – with stunning results

Cities july 2, 2014

UK To Release World’s First Fully Recyclable To-Go Cup

The 'Cardboard' bottle designer created the cup with the intent to decrease the 25,000 tons of annual waste in the UK.

Advertising july 1, 2014

Britain To Use Rural Areas As Test Grounds For Future Robots

Airfields, farms and towns could become testing sites for newest robotic inventions in the UK.


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