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Design & Architecture august 14, 2013

Umbrella Made For Texting In The Rain

Brollytime created an umbrella with a handle that frees the user's thumb.

Arts & Culture july 25, 2013

Accordion-Like Paper Clothing Is Completely Wearable [Video]

3D garments that can adapt to the movement of your body created using origami.

Work may 17, 2013

MIT Creates Giant Robot Umbrella Dance Party [Video]

'UP: The Umbrella Project' is a large-scale live performance by the Pilobolus dance company and MIT’s Distributed Robotics Lab.

Arts & Culture november 9, 2012

Artists Recreate Movie Scenes With Choreographed, Exploding Umbrellas

Thomas Brown and Anna Burns replicate the low-budget action scenes in B-Movies with an unusual medium.

Retail july 11, 2012

Burberry Introduces $1300 Sculpted Umbrellas [Pics]

The brand has released a luxury line featuring hand-carved animal heads that are reminiscent of Victorian times.

IoT april 20, 2010

OurUmbrella: Combination Umbrella Sharing Service And Connected Objects API

OurUmbrella was conceived to address the problem of the cheap black umbrellas that are pervasive throughout NYC, and the "disposable" mentality that their ubiquity fosters.

Cities april 5, 2010

Spontaneous Bar Built From Umbrellas

Dutch architects built a spontaneous bar entirely from umbrellas and held a street party under it.


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