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Social Media november 28, 2016

UNICEF Raises Awareness Of Air Pollution With Social Media

The organization has partnered with artists from around the world to raise awareness of the devastating effects of airborne particulates on children

Experiential Marketing september 27, 2016

UNICEF's 'Time Machine' Tells Stories With Data

An experiential installation at the UN General Assembly reminds us why every child matters

Design & Architecture march 8, 2016

Political Lace Flashes Every Time a Teen Dies During Childbirth

A wearable can do more than just catch your eye—it can start an important conversation

Home february 4, 2016

Unfairy Tales Highlight the Stories of Refugee Children

For 8 million refugee children, not all stories bear fairy godmothers

Work august 20, 2015

Kirk Souder: Summoning Corporate Giants for Change

The Co-Founder and Creative Lead of a creative agency reflects on the heights made possible by a partnership between elite brands and social impact culture

Arts & Culture june 11, 2015

Charitable Cryptocurrency Fueled By Youngster's Drawings Helps Impoverished Children

UNICEF and the H&M Conscious Foundation are using a new cryptocurrency to engage kids and develop global Early Childhood Development programs

Travel june 3, 2015

For Every Vélosophy Bike Sold, One is Donated to a School Girl in Ghana

Swedish smart bike brand has partnered with UNICEF to help young women in the developing world access education

Technology june 3, 2015

UNICEF Wants Wearables for Those Who Actually Need Them

The Wearables For Good Challenge hopes to open the floodgates for cost-effective, low-power, durable and scalable wearable tech

Sustainability february 10, 2015

Brad Pitt Reinvents The Bungalow

Make It Right foundation launches new designs to help those in need

Gaming & Play december 18, 2014

How UNICEF used a Fake Video Game to Highlight the South Sudan Crisis

To promote awareness, UNICEF presents a violent RPG starring a displaced girl in a war-torn region

Work december 2, 2014

ABBA Donates Song Royalties to Support Girls’ Rights

Listeners can give to UNICEF simply by clicking on the iconic Swedish pop group's ballad Chiquitita

Technology july 16, 2014

UNICEF Billboards Use Natural Silhouettes to Shed Light On Domestic Violence

A small cutout figure shines a larger light on an important social issue in this day-to-night ad.

Travel june 24, 2014

Environmental Impact Indicators Tell Hotel Guests How Green They Are

The Westin Singapore dedicates two floors to eco-friendly 'Green Rooms' that monitor carbon emissions.

Arts & Culture may 22, 2014

App Locks Phone From Work Contacts Until Playtime Is Over

UNICEF's PlayTimer app uses facial recognition to lock smartphones, securing uninterrupted quality time.


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