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Technology december 11, 2012

One-Wheeled Motorbike Could Be The Next Segway [Video]

RYNO is a motorized unicycle that is faster than a regular bicycle and takes up less room.

Home august 18, 2011

Students Design Electric "A0" Monocycle For Audi

The vehicle, a cross between a unicycle and a Segway, is designed for urban mobility.

Design & Architecture february 24, 2011

Solowheel: A Portable, Self-Balancing Unicycle

The single-wheeled vehicle uses gyro sensors for balancing, while a Lithium-ion battery powers it for up to two hours.

Design & Architecture november 9, 2010

FlyRad: A Motorized Unicycle For Skaters

Thomas Rank's award-winning invention offers a novel means of transportation.

Design & Architecture april 6, 2010

Unicycle Builds Physical, Cognitive Strength

The Three 2 One, from California designer Allen Wilson, is an easily transportable new unicycle that builds both physical and cognitive strength for urban riding.


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