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Time-Lapse Light Painting Marks The Tide’s Ebb And Flow [Video]

Designers Turn Old Tapes Into Lamps

Topshop Collection Based On Digitised Pub Wallpaper

Bracelet Lets Users See Text Messages Light Up On Their Wrist

Leather Wallets Made From A Single Piece Of Material

Floating Inn Offers Underwater Bedroom

Peugeot Print Airbag Ad Inflates When Punched

Absolut Creates 4 Million Unique Vodka Bottles [Video]

Famous Artworks Recreated On Dirty Car Windows [Pics]

Beautiful Wallets Carved From A Single Block Of Wood

One Of A Kind Shoes Made From The Skin Of Stingrays

Hotel Chauffeurs Guests To A Luxury Picnic In A Vintage Chevy

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