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Mobile july 8, 2016

A Dating App Just For Anti-Brexit Voters

An app seeks to connect those who voted against Britain leaving the EU

Culture june 8, 2016

How Tinder Is Transforming Into A Political Platform In The UK

Tinder users swipe their way to staying informed on European Union referendum issues

Mobile december 23, 2015

Swipe Right to Become an Organ Donor

Don't just support organ donation, help increase the number of 18-to-35-year-olds who are organ donors in the U.K.

Cities february 11, 2015

UK’s First Driverless Car Hits the Sidewalk, Not the Streets

Britain's first self-driving car is designed for pedestrian commuters and the elderly

Advertising july 18, 2013

New Publication Lets The Voices Of Unpaid Interns Be Heard

Graduates curate their own content with an aim to initiate debate on this employment gray area.

Cities april 17, 2013

Google Rolls Out Its DIY Map Maker Technology

The search giant is opening up the map editing platform in the UK, enabling contributors to add and amend elements of Google Maps.

Mobile december 5, 2012

Use Twitter Handle As A Physical Mailing Address

Given increased rates of geographic mobility, a startup wants to create mobile postal addresses based on digital IDs.

Innovation december 3, 2012

New Cadbury Chocolate Won’t Melt, Even In 100+ Degree Temps

The chocolate company's research and development department invent cocoa solids that can withstand heat of a 104F degrees.

Innovation june 5, 2012

Record Number Of UK Young Adults Still Living With Parents [Headlines]

In 2011 some 3 million 20-34 year olds chose their family homes over the world at large. This is an increase of around 20 percent from a similar study in 1997. An interactive map shows local and regional concentrations of the trend.

Advertising september 28, 2011

Creative Inspiration From The Behance Network

The Behance Network is the world's leading platform for creative professionals across all industries. Millions of visitors come to the Network to see the incredible work and find talent to hire.

august 8, 2011

Is Grandma Cool With Texting At The Dinner Table? [Headlines]

Research in the UK shows that smartphones are changing the way we socialize and what we define as good etiquette.

Cities july 26, 2011

A Vertical Farm In The Horizon For Manchester [Headlines]

A vertical farm in the city may be a very viable solution for a growing urban population in Manchester.

Advertising july 18, 2011

Monocolumn: How Do We Value Design?

Royal Institute of British Architects launches a report explaining that 'design is not some kind of luxury.'

Advertising july 7, 2011

3D Chocolate Printer Makes Tasty Designs

UK scientists used 3D printing technology to create chocolate treats in any design you can think of.


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