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Health may 18, 2016

Medical School Bets The Future Of Medicine Is Food

Tulane University spreads 'Food As Medicine' ideology by requiring that students learn how to cook

Work december 22, 2015

How to Build a Social Campus

Awkward, disconnected, chilly spaces keep conversations to a minimum. A well-designed university makes room for people to share ideas across generations

Work january 22, 2015

University Classrooms are Replacing Shakespeare with Selfies

Emerging college courses analyze celebrities, selfies, and even 'wasting time on the Internet' to draw insights on pop culture and media

Home january 12, 2015

Colleges Issue Official Colognes For Unique Branding

College-branded scents may soon waft beyond personal hygiene

Innovation december 17, 2013

Pebble Gives Smartwatches To 4,000 Science Students

What does a big batch of donated smartwatches mean for Pebble besides self-promotion?

Advertising april 25, 2013

McDonalds & Starbucks' Universities Offer College Credits

Training programs are up for grabs from a growing number of Fortune 500 companies.

Innovation march 16, 2012

Asian Universities Reject US-UK Rankings [Headlines]

Universities in the East are rebelling against what they believe is a Western-centric ranking system.

Gaming & Play february 11, 2012

Pop Culture Guru Believes Social Media Creates Local Movements Not Global Ones [Social Media Week]

Best-selling author Douglas Rushkoff, shares his thoughts about how Facebook and Twitter spark local movements rather than large-scale ones -- in the kick off to our Social Media Week coverage.

Arts & Culture october 27, 2011

Zipcar Spreads To 36 New College Campuses [Headlines]

The car-sharing company's university program expanded rapidly under a partnership with Ford.

september 13, 2011

Authors Sue To Remove Books From Digital Archive [Headlines]

Three major authors’ groups filed a lawsuit against HathiTrust, arguing that digitizing millions of books violated copyrights.

Technology february 25, 2011

UniLeaks: WikiLeaks-Styled Space For College Whistle-Blowers

The site promises a safe space for users to send restricted documents on public interest matters pertaining to education.

Innovation february 18, 2011

University Of The South Recognizes Economic Challenges Of Students, Reduces Tuition Fees

The move will make higher education more accessible and reduce their students' loan debt.

Home september 15, 2010

The Expansion Of Higher Education Institutions

As educational institutions move overseas, a number of challenges await them.

Work september 1, 2010

College Roommate Matchmaking, Social Media Style

A growing number of students are reaching out to agencies that help them connect to potential college dorm mates.


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