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Work october 10, 2013

Portable Lab Toolbox Generates Excitement Around Genetic Testing

Student group hopes to see mainstream DNA analysis with DIY testing kit.

Technology september 23, 2013

Cheap DIY LEGO Microscope Brings Science To Underprivileged Students

Inexpensive atomic imaging microscopes built from plastic toy blocks and Arduino computers.

Cities september 2, 2013

Nike Remaps The London Tube Based On FuelBand Points

The sportswear giant finds yet another way to push fitness levels.

Arts & Culture june 12, 2012

Installation Weaves Material Through The Columns Of Landmark London University [Pics]

Nicolas Feldmeyer wraps the front of the iconic UCL portico in wide strips of PVC mesh.

Retail april 7, 2011

Ikea's Maze-Like Layout Results In Huge Amount Of Impulse Buying

According to Alan Penn, professor of architecture at University College in London, the store is designed to confuse shoppers and lead them on a long path full of subliminal messages and cheap, enticing products.

Technology march 30, 2011

How Does Information Spread Around The Urban Environment? [Video]

24 hours of Twitter's nervous system's activity is mapped over the capital of the UK.


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