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Work september 4, 2015

Scream in Slow-Mo for Slow-Melting Ice Cream

Universities of Edinburgh and Dundee's newly discovered protein BsIA will make the cold treat healthier and longer-lasting

Travel may 23, 2012

Interactive Map Lets Tourists Explores The City Via Sounds [Video]

Concept lets visitors listen to different places in one spot.

Design & Architecture may 15, 2012

LCD-Free Digital Concept Camera Encourages Selective Photography [Pics]

The captured images are wirelessly sent to a separate viewer, which is the only way you can look at them.

Arts & Culture april 26, 2012

Listen To Your Tunes Through Paper Headphones [Pics]

This interesting design was developed at the University of Dundee for the SXSW Paper Apps panel.

Design & Architecture september 6, 2011

Top Ten Creatives Of The Week [Visual Communication]

PSFK x Artsthread highlight the hottest young creatives from the field of visual communication.

Arts & Culture august 22, 2011

Top Ten Creatives Of The Week [Ceramic, Jewelry, Glass]

PSFK has partnered with ARTS THREAD to spotlight the brightest young creatives in the world of ceramics, jewelry and glass.

Design & Architecture august 15, 2011

Top Ten Industrial, Product, Spatial Design Creatives Of The Week

PSFK has worked with ARTS THREAD to spotlight the brightest young creatives in the world of industrial, product and spatial design.

Technology april 25, 2011

Playful Robot Inspires Charitable Donations

A friendly robot that helps collect donations is one of the latest development in human-machine interactions.

Design & Architecture may 3, 2010

The Log Alarm Clock: A Natural Wake Up Call

University of Dundee student Natalie Duckett has dreamed up an interesting twist on the alarm clock.


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