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University of Oxford
Technology november 14, 2016

New AI Software Reads Lips Better Than Any Human

The University of Oxford developed a new app that can more accurately read lips to make communication easier

Innovation june 18, 2015

Glasses Let the Legally Blind See Again

Startup VA-ST has developed SmartSpecs that help the visually impaired see more clearly with help of augmented reality

Arts & Culture june 15, 2015

'Sonic Seasoning' Can Enhance Your Eating Experiences

Experimental psychology project from Professor Charles Spence uncovers scientific links between musical and culinary experiences

Sustainability july 24, 2014

Top Five Health Innovations of the Week

This week’s innovations include an app that helps patients manage their migraines and a bra that can detect breast cancer.

Work june 30, 2014

Software Scans Family Photographs To Detect Genetic Disorders

This new computer program can use a digital picture to help diagnose rare disorders.


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