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Paper Gets Technologically Advanced Thanks to These Sensor Tags

These Gloves Can Translate Sign Language Into English

This Tiny Computer Doesn’t Require a Battery

Turn a Heart, Star, or Apple into the Shape of Your Next City Stroll

Aging Software Shows What Your Five-Year-Old Will Look Like At 80

Kinect System Doubles As A Yoga Teacher For The Blind [Video]

  • 21 october 2013
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Software Generates 3D Models To Illustrate Wikipedia Articles [Video]

Researcher’s Brain Controls People’s Movements Via The Internet

Gesture Recognition Tech Controls Devices Without A Camera [Video]

PSFK Picks: Top 10 Health Innovations Of The Week

  • 19 december 2012
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Dissolvable Fabric Could Replace Condoms

Prosthetic Arm Looks Like A Tentacle

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