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David Bowie Sweatshirt Designed Using Zero Waste

Hotel Bed Sheets Upcycled Into Limited Edition Tote Bags

Star Wars Busts Assembled From Discarded Tech Parts [Pics]

Detroit Hotel To Launch In A Stack Of Shipping Containers

Nike Reveals Building Made Entirely Of Thread And Plastic Bottles [Pics]

Dutch Restaurant Furnished Entirely From Upcycled Scrap Wood

Plastic Coke Bottles Recycled Into Functional Headphones [Pics]

Upcycled Mosaics Made Of NYC Metrocards [Pics]

Dumpsters Transformed Into Cafes Made From Recycled Materials [Pics]

Upcycled Handbag Quickly Turns Into A Front Bike Basket [Video]

Nike’s Recycled Commercial Is Made from 100% Used Ads

Creative Reuse: 100% Upcycled Coat Rack [Pic]

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