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[News] Paris legalizes pop-up urban gardens anywhere in the city
Asia september 2, 2016

Singapore Is Devising Creative New Ways To Reduce Noise Pollution

The Housing & Development Board aims to soften the impact of sound to create a more pleasant living environment

Design & Architecture july 27, 2016

Residential Project Fits Versatile Apartments Into Tiny Spaces

Yo! Company founder Simon Woodroffe is betting city dwellers will adapt to the new home concept

Technology july 20, 2016

What It Takes To Build NYC’s First Underground Park

Reviving the Lower East Side with an urban park that exists underground

Technology may 18, 2016

What Might It Look Like If Google Built A City From The Ground Up?

Google's parent company is redesigning urban environments into self-reliant systems

[Inspiration] Pokémon GO changes how people interact with their cities
[Inspiration] Compact homes help residents feel ‘safe and secure’ in high-crime areas
[Insight] Research suggests driverless cars will fuel another suburban sprawl
[Inspiration] Refugee living and compact housing inspire designs at Venice Architecture Biennale
[Insight] Changing economic trends push millennials away from cities
For every new high-tech job in a city, five additional non-tech jobs are created (Springwise)
Cities april 20, 2016

Could Future Cities Be Powered By Bioluminescent Bacteria?

A bold startup points to a post-electricity future for our planet

Sustainability september 4, 2015

A New Emoji Set for City-Dwelling Millennials

Creative agency Moving Brands believes young urbanites may find drones, matcha and pugs more fitting for their emoticon lifestyles

How aerial surveillance has changed policing in urban areas (NYT)

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