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Travel august 11, 2016

Create Your Own Commute With This NYC Transit System Game

Brand New Subway allows players to create their dream route and improve the New York City transportation system

Design & Architecture august 4, 2016

Shirts And Totes Printed Directly From Manhole Covers

German creative collective uses the urban landscape to create unique accessories and clothing

Technology april 5, 2016

Pushing People to Better Learn Their City [PSFK 2016]

Before Uber talks reinventing cities at PSFK 2016, see how CityID improved wayfinding in NYC

Work april 27, 2015

Mobile Artist Residence Will Traverse England Over the Next Two Years

The Observatory sits on rotating bases, allowing artists to frame the surrounding landscape from different viewpoints

‘Sunken skyscraper’ concept nestles Central Park’s nature away from urban technology (Dezeen)
How international tech hubs are racing to complete the world’s first Hyperloop (Mic)
7 U.S. cities compete for title of “smartest” urban transit system (Archinect)
Home february 20, 2015

Revamped Street Lights Enhance the Cityscape More Naturally

Is this tough streetlamp the Hue bulb of the urban outdoors?

Sustainability april 17, 2014

Detroit Transforms Its Abandoned Homes Into Colorful Bus Stops

Local artists use old doors for good in this urban revitalization effort.

Design & Architecture february 13, 2014

How Parking Lot Design Can Revitalize Blighted Suburban Areas [Pics]

These four new designs take Long Island's parking lots to task.

Technology october 16, 2013

Urban Planning Tool Empowers Locals To Improve Their City's Walkability [Video]

New app that lets you crop buildings, plant flowers, and erase highways in real-time.

IoT october 4, 2013

NYC Squares Redesigned As Storm-Protecting Islands [Pics]

Global design firm Gensler has developed the Town Square Initiative: New York, which takes advantage of the city's urban spaces.

Work june 18, 2013

Skate Park Ramps Also Prevents Flooding

Concrete structures in Denmark combine recreation with functionality to protect people from natural disasters.

Advertising april 28, 2013

How Derelict Revival Catalyzes Natural Evolution [My Ideal City]

PSFK chats Eoin Billings and Duncan Jackson, founders of Billings Jackson Design, about how derelict revival is positively impacting urban development.


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