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Work october 27, 2013

PSFK Picks: Top Five Apps Of The Week

Android users can draw on photos they tweet while Microsoft works on mood-changing earbuds.

Sustainability october 25, 2013

Virtual Game Environment Imagines The Cities Of The Near Future  [Pics]

The upcoming SimCity expansion pack will let players engage in futuristic urban planning.

Arts & Culture october 18, 2013

Artist Sketches Turn Urban Environments Into Playgrounds

George Zisiadis imagines a city where parking meters dispense gumballs and traffic lights are disco balls.

Technology october 16, 2013

Urban Planning Tool Empowers Locals To Improve Their City’s Walkability [Video]

New app that lets you crop buildings, plant flowers, and erase highways in real-time.

Advertising october 13, 2013

PSFK’s Top 5 Stories Of The Week

Urban Outfitters is planning its own village, and we might soon be able to project road signals for safety.

IoT october 4, 2013

NYC Squares Redesigned As Storm-Protecting Islands [Pics]

Global design firm Gensler has developed the Town Square Initiative: New York, which takes advantage of the city's urban spaces.

Mobile may 6, 2013

IBM Turns Cell Phones Into Sensors To Monitor Public Transit

The technology and research giant is using aggregated phone records to track and support community services.

Work march 13, 2013

The Entire World Visualized As One City [Videos]

The City of 7 Billion hopes to study the impact of population growth and resource consumption on a global scale.

Arts & Culture march 7, 2013

Domino Sugar Factory Gets Remade As Donut-Shaped Skyscraper

SHoP architects has come up with interesting building concepts that are more open-air.

IoT december 29, 2012

How To Get Around In The City Of The Future [Video]

Designers at frog have been working on a project to update existing urban transportation networks with a system of gondolas.

Innovation november 16, 2012

Neighborhood Residents Can Now Decide Which Businesses Will Come To The Area

MiLES is a project that aims to keep the Lower East Side free from commercialized ‘gentrified’ shops.

Technology september 17, 2012

Site Calculates The ‘Walkability’ Of Urban Neighborhoods

Walkonomics judges and ranks 600, 000 streets in the US and UK to promote the health of local economies and their residents.

Home august 7, 2012

Five Ways Cities Are Reimagining The Urban Park

"Parklets" are slowly taking over parking spaces across the country. PSFK takes a look at our top five picks.

Cities july 24, 2012

Rural Areas Growing Faster Than Suburbs And Cities [Headlines]

Towns outside the reach of suburbs have highest growth rate across the US.


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