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Work february 12, 2015

Flying Cars and Hoverboards Populate Past Visions of Future Cities

From concepts of airborne cities to proposals for a dome over Manhattan, these grand plans and unbuildable designs set high expectations

Arts & Culture february 5, 2015

LA’s Empty Freeway Provides a Glimpse of Carless Future

A view from the middle lane of Route 101, one of America’s busiest freeways, as it undergoes a rare session of ‘swarm maintenance’

Technology december 12, 2014

Urban Traffic Lights Revamped For Safety’s Sake

Play pong against opponents on the other side of the road while you wait

Sustainability december 4, 2014

Project Upcycle Turns Abandoned Neighborhood Relics into Something Useful

Clean up the streets initiative: designers repurpose bike into rideable grocery shopping cart

Luxury november 11, 2014

Microsoft Collaboration Helps the Visually Impaired ‘See’ the City

An urban navigation tool for the blind, 'Cities Unlocked' is broadening horizons

Design & Architecture october 30, 2014

Enormous Eye Art Installations to Offer New City Perspective

Dutch city features 5 interactive eyeballs that give unique glimpses of urban life

Mobile october 28, 2014

City Cyclist Bags Combine Practicality, Elegance And Safety

The Cyclist series has been developed by a young product designer from her 2013 master’s graduation project

Luxury october 21, 2014

aboutPLACE Makes it Easy to Evaluate and Compare Cities Before You Move

Choose from 110 lifestyle preferences to narrow down your perfect home

Sustainability october 13, 2014

Foldable Scooter Perfect for Urbanites

The Pigeon kick scooter is a colorful, portable leg-powered vehicle that will turn your walk into a rolling stride

Technology october 8, 2014

Windshield Sticker Alerts When You Are Stuck in Tow-Away Zone

TowStop creates conversation between driver and officer to curb likelihood of expensive parking violation

Arts & Culture september 24, 2014

Urban Stray Kitties Receive Designer Digs

With the collaboration of NYC and LA animal welfare groups, high-profile architectural firms are putting world-class roofs over feline heads

Work september 16, 2014

How Will We Mourn the Dead in the Future?

Urban cemetery introduces interactive experiences into the process of mourning and honoring those who have passed

Technology august 26, 2014

Crowdfunding Platform Lets Colombian Designers Help Solve Urban Issues

Bogotá is undergoing a cultural and economic revolution, and BoCo allows citizens to actively participate in the process

Work july 2, 2014

Inflatable Bag Protects Digital Devices In Crowded Areas

The Fugu Bag can be blown up to cushion your gadgets from the urban grind.


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