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Gaming & Play january 10, 2012

US Army Introduces Its Own Brand Of Weapons For Video Games

Branded rifles, communications gear, and more are to be introduced to popular games in order to boost recruitment.

Technology december 27, 2011

US Army Uses Strategy Game To Embed Lessons Of Cultural Awareness [Future Of Gaming]

'Culture Shock: Afghanistan' is a PC-based strategy game being tested by the armed forces that prepares captains for deployment by teaching them lessons in cultural awareness.

july 15, 2011

US Army To Test Smartphones For Use In Combat[Headlines]

The US Army is testing several smartphones with nearly 4,000 soldiers at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico to find the best one that would allow soldiers in combat to receive real-time images of insurgent movements.

IoT february 10, 2011

Surveillance Robot Can Detect Breathing Through Concrete Walls

The Cougar20-H device can track both movement and motionless living objects at a distance.

Work august 2, 2010

Future Of Health: Handheld Hospital

Mobile applications, peripherals and add-ons are becoming sophisticated enough to perform tasks comparable to their hospital equivalents, approximating vital diagnosis protocols closely enough to provide people in remote areas with immediate diagnosis.

Technology june 11, 2010

US Army To Build Virtual World As Training Ground

The military is taking inspiration from Second Life to develop a virtual simulation for soldiers.

Sustainability january 16, 2009

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