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Technology december 3, 2013

How Harmful Is Bitcoin To The Health Of The Economy?

Guardian Economics correspondent asks: is the currency safe or even necessary?

Work january 30, 2013

Congress Asks If Aaron Swartz's Legal Punishment Was Too Severe

Republicans Darrell Issa and Democrat Elijah Cummings are among those unsure if charges fitted the activist's "crime."

Technology january 29, 2013

Google Demands Greater Electronic Privacy Protections

The search giant wants stricter rules for the government about how and when they can access people's online data.

Sustainability january 23, 2013

Obama Rebrands His Campaign Database As An Action Network

The president is using the emails he amassed during the re-election to get support for his stance guns, immigration, climate and the economy.

Mobile january 17, 2013

How The US Postal Service Is Going Digital

In the future will everyone have an email inbox as well as a mailbox?

Cities april 19, 2012

What Is CISPA?

Internet privacy advocates warn that Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act will give US unprecedented access.


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