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Work november 12, 2014

Future E-Cigarettes Could Connect to a Device via WiFi

A new patent from Philip Morris proposes a web-enabled, smart cig which could help users cut down

Technology april 26, 2013

USB Wipe Card Speeds Recycling Of Computers

A Kickstarter campaign proposes technology that securely erases data and loads educational content for children in developing countries.

Gaming & Play january 3, 2013

Portable TV Gaming Console Is The Size Of A USB Stick [Video]

A wireless device and controller allow users to play mobile games on the big screen.

Design & Architecture november 7, 2012

Giant Flash Drive

The Outdated USB Memory Collector Hub allows you to use up to 5 old USB keys to increase your storage capacity.

Sustainability september 28, 2012

UK Smartphone Will Be Released Without A Charger

O2 estimates that by releasing its HTC smartphone without a charger, it will save the same amount of waste equivalent to the weight of 1,000 London buses.

Home september 13, 2012

LED Lantern Powered By Salt Water

A Japanese company has invented a portable lamp that generates its own electricity, no batteries required.

Cities august 16, 2012

Hidden DVD Drive Lets Viewers Burn Artist’s Entire Exhibit

Visitors to the new installation by Aram Bartholl for the Museum of the Moving Image can have the whole exhibit for free, if they can find the secret portal.

Travel august 13, 2012

Swiss Army Knife Makers Create Portable Solar Chargers

Wenger has created the perfect eco-friendly gadget for tech-savvy campers and backpackers.

Home july 31, 2012

3D Printed MP3 Player Reinvents The ‘Mixtape’

A retro looking casette tape is an actual portable music player that connects to a user's computer via the USB port.

Arts & Culture july 26, 2012

Versatile AA Batteries With USB Ports Charge Devices Anywhere [Pics]

Concept design conveniently lets users recharge their electronics on the go.

Technology july 26, 2012

Power The Toaster With A Laptop [Headlines]

A new USB port spec could mean an end to power cords.

IoT july 2, 2012

USB Microwave Lets Workers Heat Food At Their Desks [Pics]

‘My Lunchbox’ connects to your computer and warms your food according to the desired time and temperature.

Retail june 19, 2012

IKEA Televisions Are Now On Sale In Stockholm [Headlines]

The Swedish furniture store will begin a gradual roll-out of the new set, rumored to be Wi-Fi and USB compatible, across Europe beginning July 2nd of this year.

Work june 18, 2012

Shave On The Go With A USB-Powered Razor

A portable and powerful electric shaver that is ideal for travelers.


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