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[News] Google to decrease website rank if cumbersome interstitials are used
Mobile july 15, 2015

PSFK Launches The Power Of Chat Debrief

PSFK Labs explores the future of messaging platforms and how brands are using text to connect with consumers in meaningful ways

Technology march 31, 2015

Sneaker Giants are Weaving a Tale of Brand Engagement with Apps

Novel app user interfaces and design from Nike and Adidas have allowed for robust consumer shopping and marketing experiences

Design & Architecture november 7, 2014

Calculator App with No Equals Button and a Delightfully Minimal UX

Version two of the minimalist Numerical app is launching on Nov. 13

IoT november 3, 2014

Questioning Everything and Relating to Users are Key Branding Strategies

A former SVA Branding alumnus spills guidance, insight and tactics for successful branding in today’s culture

Gaming & Play january 7, 2014

Eye-Tracking Controller Offers Players Intensely Immersive Play

The technology could change the way we think about a fine-grained user interface.

Work august 18, 2013

Macala Wright: How Brands Design Customer Experiences Of The Future

Consumers not only expect great brand experiences, they believe they’re entitled to them.

Work january 20, 2013

Creative Sandbox: Mobile Experiment Demos Future Of Web Interaction

Design agency Deepblue lets users make holiday jingles on the web from their smartphones.

Technology october 19, 2012

AOL Introduces A New, More Visual Email Interface

The new cloud-based platform can be used to sync multiple email accounts and create stacks of filters.

Technology february 6, 2012

Watch Out Facebook: The Redesigned Path Is Growing Exponentially

Since the launch of its redesigned user interface, Path has doubled its user base to 2 million. What is different this time around?

Arts & Culture october 28, 2011

Can We Take The 'U' Out Of User Interface Design?

BERG's Matt Jones shares with frogdesign his perspective on the changing relationship between user and object, and how that change that is shaping the culture of use.

Innovation july 15, 2011

Jawbone's 'Up' Bracelet Helps You Track Your Life

Jawbone brings a slick new interface to the array of quantified-self products with exciting results.

Gaming & Play july 8, 2011

Hit The High Score Or This Video Game Will Cease To Exist

An unconventional take on traditional game mechanics inverts user expectations to make art out of video game.

Arts & Culture april 13, 2011

What Does Virtual Pottery Say About Our World?

Digital craft creation moves a once artisanal product into mediation via the virtual world.


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