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Work march 3, 2014

Portable Router Brings The Internet To Remote And Rugged African Areas

BRCK creates a device that can function without traditional infrastructure.

Arts & Culture june 24, 2011

Data Without Borders: Why I Want To Change The World [Headlines]

Data scientist Jake Porway wants to hook up developers with charities and the developing world. Here he explains why.

Home february 2, 2011

Future Of Real-Time: Timeline Narratives

Studying instant histories helps organizations understand how best to respond and provides clues as to how to prevent similar situations in the future.

Technology december 28, 2010

New Yorkers Deal With The Snow Through Social Collaboration

Using an online platform, New Yorkers come together to help one another deal with the snow and its aftermath.

Gaming & Play august 2, 2010

Future Of Health: Picturing Our Health

The development of highly visual and often interactive formats are providing experts and amateurs alike with methods for investigating health on any scale, allowing for deeper analysis and greater insight.


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