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Work march 14, 2013

Agency Works With The Homeless To Create Ad Copy [Pics]

The street-living vendors of the Big Issue magazine from across the UK have worked with M&C Saatchi for a series of posters promoting the publication.

Technology march 11, 2013

Etsy Partners With Nordstrom To Feature Selected Vendors

A new service called Etsy Wholesale is being tested, which allows professional buyers to connect with artists and designers.

Travel october 10, 2011

What Do People Buy From Corner Stores In China? [Headlines]

Jonah Kessel traveled across China and photographed shopkeepers with their top-selling items.

Gaming & Play june 24, 2010

ESPN's Match Truck Brings Food And Sports To The Streets

The sports network has combined the joy of watching football matches on a big screen and experiencing international street food for locals in NY and LA.

Work april 15, 2010

Nokisaki Rents Dead Spaces To Small Urban Businesses

A new online real estate marketplace in Japan is helping land owners make use of even the tiniest space.

Sustainability september 18, 2009

Four-Wheeled: PSFK Trend Insights Around Food

We spent some time recently looking back at the patterns in the content in PSFK to try to identify emerging themes within specific target categories. ‘Four-Wheeled’ is one of three trends we identified from the data found on our site.


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