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[Stat] Despite startup frenzy, new business growth declines in US since 2000
Syndicated june 8, 2016

How To Feed 9.7bn People? Startups Take On Global Food Problem

In hunt for solution to rising population, agriculture has adopted venture capital mindset

Advertising june 23, 2014

Venture Capital Is A Product Founders Don’t Have to Buy

Phineas Barnes, partner at First Round Capital, spoke at the Northside Festival about how VCs could make life less painful for entrepreneurs.

There Are Too Many Founders Raising Millions Of Dollars Without Any Plans
The 25 Most Creative People In Tech
Advertising january 21, 2013

9 Stories You Need To Know Today

VC funding on decline, Hearst magazines on iPad and Kickstarter success stories...links to start your day with.

Advertising february 14, 2012

How One Company Opened Their Books As A Way To Court Venture Capitalists

By sharing its business intelligence dashboard with select VC partners upfront, selected the best partners possible and ultimately raised $40MM over the holidays.

Innovation september 30, 2011

Nike’s Venture Capital Fund To Back Green Startups

The sportswear brand shows its commitment to innovation and sustainability by helping up-and-coming businesses.

august 23, 2011

Could Tumblr Be The Next Facebook? [Headlines]

Tumblr, the popular blogging website, is in discussion with venture capital investors to raise $800 million. What could be in the works?

Luxury july 25, 2011

Investments In Startups Boom While Funding For Clean Energy Drops [Headlines]

Dow Jones reports that energy companies raised less than half the amount raised by startups in the second quarter of 2010.

Luxury july 25, 2011

Airbnb Valued At $1.3bn After New Funding [Headlines]

3-year-old startup Airbnb has increased its value thanks to venture capital investment of $12m.

Advertising june 7, 2011

Pepsi Searches For The Next (Non-American) Social Media Giant

The PepsiCo10 is a partnership between PepsiCo and Highland Capital Partners that aims to find the next 10 social and digital media successes in the UK, Europe & Russia.

Culture july 6, 2010

(Event) First Kickstarter Film Festival Comes to Brooklyn

The event will bring the company mission of "funding and following creativity" to life.

Cities june 23, 2010

Monocolumn: Where Does All The Money Go?

One million dollars, $2m, $7m, $12m. These are just some of the amounts that venture capitalists have doled out recently to Silicon Valley companies.


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