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Design & Architecture march 12, 2013

Nike Training Shoes Inspired By Chinese Finger Trap [Pics]

The Nike Free Trainer 5.0 has a unique criss-cross design around the upper, with intertwined bands that are flexible and supportive.

Design & Architecture february 27, 2013

Lamp Unfolds From Inside A Book

Lumio is a multi-purpose light fixture that can be transformed into multiple shapes for different functions.

Home november 27, 2012

Magnetic Clothes Interchangeable For New Looks

The Affectation clothing line aims to give the wearer more options with versatile and interchangeable apparel.

Travel november 7, 2012

Puffy Vest Suitcase [Video]

Stuffa Jacket doubles as a carry on bag with hidden compartments in the interior.

Sustainability november 7, 2012

Redesigned City Bike Carries Items On The Front And Back

Donky Bike is a versatile utility bicycle that can tote groceries and packages, and move easily through traffic.

Design & Architecture september 19, 2012

Multi-Functional Lounge Chair Is Also A Table & Bookshelf [Video]

LLSTOL is a versatile furniture piece that can be converted to suit any purpose.

Arts & Culture august 2, 2012

Jenga-Like Table Can Be Adjusted By Pushing Pieces [Pics]

Versatile furniture can by changed by pushing or pulling out wooden pieces.

Design & Architecture july 9, 2012

Versatile Furniture Can Transform Into A Chair, Table Or Bed

The M Chair is made from waterproofed tropical wood and it is modular so people can combine several of them for various functions.

Work april 30, 2012

Innovative Bra Safely Stores Your iPhone In A Secret Pocket

This women's undergarment features a discrete compartment to hold your belongings.


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