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Luxury october 7, 2015

Behind the Walls of the Largest Indoor Farm in North America

FarmedHere shows how we can sustainably grow plants year-round, with no need for pesticides and without the use of soil

Design & Architecture october 31, 2012

Commercial Vertical Farm Opens In The Busy Streets Of Singapore [Pics]

Consumers react positively to the Sky Greens' urban farming project.

Design & Architecture february 1, 2012

Chicago Pier Redesign Creates Vertical Farms To Feed Local Restaurants

Designers from around the world unveil future plans for remaking the popular public space.

Work july 26, 2011

A Vertical Farm In The Horizon For Manchester [Headlines]

A vertical farm in the city may be a very viable solution for a growing urban population in Manchester.

Sustainability september 3, 2010

Multi-Tiered Vertical Farm Concept Re-Imagines India's Skyline

HP Skyline 2020 Competition explores the future design of urban cityscapes.

Innovation may 13, 2009
Design & Architecture march 5, 2009

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