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Design & Architecture december 19, 2013

Sports Car Uses Forcefields Instead Of Windshield Wipers

The cutting-edge automobile company is developing sound wave driven technology to replace traditional rubber blades.

Technology july 22, 2013

Sleek Digital Compass Bracelet Navigates Using Vibrations

Navigo contains four modes: compass, navigation, proximity, and a watch, guiding the wearer according to the selected function.

Arts & Culture june 18, 2013

Artist Moves Water With Her Mind [Video]

Lisa Park’s performance 'Eunoia' utilizes an EEG headset to turn her brainwaves into vibrations of sound that create ripples in smal pools.

Technology february 5, 2013

Google Glass Will Use Bone Conduction Instead Of Headphones

New documents for the glasses show they will use vibrations to generate sound so people can still hear noises from their surroundings.

Design & Architecture january 31, 2013

Vibrating Pen Lets Users Know When They've Made A Mistake

The Lernstift device acts like a virtual teacher, alerting the user when they make a spelling error or their handwriting isn’t legible.

Technology january 23, 2013

Vibrating Steering Wheel Keeps Drivers On The Road

Haptic feedback could guide drivers blinded by bright light on the road with tactile cues.

Mobile january 7, 2013

Bone-Conduction Baseball Cap Replaces Need For Headphones

Cynaps is a discreet headset installed in a hat that lets you listen to music or take a phone call using vibrations sent directly to your inner ear.

IoT december 11, 2012

Viewers ‘Feel’ 3D Video

Developed by Solidray, the system incorporates visual and tactile feedback to enable people to experience virtual objects.

Mobile november 22, 2012

Tech Can Tell What Part Of The Hand Is Touching The Phone

Qeexo’s FingerSense listens to how you touch the screen, enabling different functions for using a fingertip, knuckle, or nail.

Design & Architecture november 15, 2012

Shake Your Cell Phone To Charge It

Researchers at Virginia Tech have developed a novel method for juicing up your mobile that draws energy from piezoelectric force.

Work november 9, 2012

Type On An Invisible Keyboard Just By Placing Your iPhone On A Table

The 'Vibrative' lets you type on any surface, analyzing the vibrations that are made when you tap your fingers.

Technology october 17, 2012

Partners Can Send Their Lovers' Hugs By Squeezing Their Cellphones

A new cellphone lets you hug a loved by sending strong vibrations between smartphones.

Gaming & Play september 16, 2011

'Phantom Sensation' Device Being Developed To Improve Sense Of Realism In Video Games [Video]

The tech uses vibrations of different strengths to simulate an object passing through you.

Luxury march 22, 2010

Cardboard Package Doubles Up As Record Player

GGRP Sound has developed a special cardboard package that doubles up as a record player.


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